Making pets safer: we’re all in.

SpotiD was born of a tough experience many pet people know all too well—Cholula the dog went missing. To make matters worse, her person, Austin, was out of town. She had her tag on, but, like most tags, it only had one phone number and address: Austin’s. It didn’t do much good, since Cholula was staying with his family across town. It took a full day for the people who found Cholula to track down Austin and, finally, his family. It was a heart-wrenching twelve hours to say the least, and it could have been prevented if there were a way to convey every important detail about a dog or cat’s care on their tag.

It’s where the idea for SpotiD came from. It’s a special kind of pet tag. Inscribed with a unique code and a web address, people can pull up the mobile-friendly URL, type in the code, and see every detail they need about that cat or dog. They can get the phone numbers of multiple contacts and family members, see the animal’s permanent address, temporary or boarding address, its veterinarian, its medical history, vaccination records, dietary needs, behavior particulars, and care instructions.

It means that anyone who finds a pet—or who is charged with caring for it—can pull up everything they need from one centralized system, in moments. Owners can easily update details over time. It’s accessible to anyone who can type in a web address to their phone or computer, which means the team of people who can help your pet is instantly expanded to, well, pretty much everyone out there.

Put everyone on your pet’s team. And be there for everyone else’s.