Put Peace of Mind on Your Pet's Tag
How It Works

Bone Shaped Tag

Most pet tags don’t fit much: a name, a number ... maybe an address. SpotiD tags open up a world of information, listing a quick URL for people to look up a full information page for your pet.

Heart Shaped Tag

Anyone who finds your lost pet—or who’s in charge of caring for it—can pull up its SpotiD profile and view everything they could possibly need to know:

Your phone number
The phone numbers of multiple contacts and family members
Your permanent address
A temporary or boarding address, if applicable
Your pet’s veterinarian
Your pet’s medical history and vaccination records
Your pet's particulars
Any special dietary needs, behaviors, and care instructions
brings peace of mind to pet people - and keeps our pets a lot safer for less than a cup of coffee a month.
All your pets are included for only 29.95 a year. Your first pet tag is included with the enrollment.

Ralph the Tabby Cat

“Ralph slipped out and went missing while I was out of town for a family funeral. Obviously, this was devastating, but it gave me major peace of mind that I could update his profile page with the phone numbers of everyone back home who was helping to search. Fortunately, after 36 hours, a neighbor two blocks away spotted Ralph and was able to pull up the info on his SpotiD tag, see my house sitter’s number, and arrange to get him safely home. Having a SpotID tag makes it possible for anyone in the community to help look after your pet.” -Kimberly

Cooper the French Bull Dog

“I travel often for work, and I’ve spent a lot of time updating pet-sitters and boarders regarding my senior dog’s food allergies and medication needs. But once I found SpotiD, I could store all Cooper’s information in one place, so any caretaker can access all instructions as well as his medical history. It’s been a godsend. I can rest easy knowing that, not only are we more likely to avoid an allergy emergency, but if there is one, any caretaker can see exactly who to call, in what order, and where to take him.” - Russ

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